Charter a Boat with Skipper

Charter a Boat with Skipper

Whether you have booked a sailing boat or a motorboat, considering to charter a boat with a skipper can be a great option. Having a skipper on board will enable you to enjoy a relaxing and hassle-free vacation. With Zurich Navigate, you can hire an experienced and licensed skipper who will not only take you to the most beautiful destination but will also share expert local knowledge with you and ensure your safety. So wherever you wish to travel, our skippered charters will help you make the most of your vacation time. We will also be happy to organize a stewardess or cook for you.

Skipper on Board 

Our skippers are professionals and have experience traveling to many worldwide destinations. Their responsibility is to monitor weather conditions, check and maintain mechanical parts of the boat, choose the safest sailing route, and ensure the comfort and security of all guests during the voyage. Here are some services you can expect from our skippers on board:

  • The skipper can be as interactive or as discreet as you want them to be. If you are looking for a more private experience, you can inform your skipper upon boarding.
  • Our skippers are experts and have immense local knowledge. They can show you the hidden coves of a place and guide you on where to eat, what to buy, and see.
  • You can also communicate your dining preferences to the skipper. And if you are planning to dine out, feel free to invite the skipper.
  • Our skippers are profesionnel and friendly. Most of our passengers become friends with them by the end of the trip and hire them again for their next trip.

Benefits of Hiring a Skipper?

With a skipper, you do not need any previous boating or sailing experience. He or she takes full responsibility of sailing through safe passage and maintains an orderly deck at all times.

Your skipper will be your local guide. He or she knows the islands, waters, and the surrounding area, and can recommend local attractions and those hidden gems that you would like to explore.

With a skipper on board, you can focus on other things. Our skipper will make sure that everything runs smoothly so that you can fully enjoy the experience with your friends and family.

As soon as you arrive at the boat, you will find out that your skipper has already made all the necessary arrangements. So you do not have to worry about carrying out any inspections before you start your voyage. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your vacation.

Skipper’s Fee ?

Skippers generally cost between 180 and 250 per day euros, depending on the region, time of the year, and whether he or she is an instructor. The payment of the skipper can be made during your check-in.

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How to Book a Skippered Yacht? Booking a skippered yacht is easy. All you have to do is review our selection of already crewed boats or select any boat and request a skipper or an instructor. If you need more information on choosing a suitable boat, you can contact us directly.

Replace Your Skipper with an Instructor?

If you want to participate in all aspects of boating and sailing, you can replace your skipper with an instructor who will help you develop the basic skills you need for sailing a boat. The instructor has in-depth knowledge of sailing and would be extremely happy to teach and coach you.