Riverboat Charter 

Riverboat Charter 

Do you want a relaxing vacation sailing across lake districts or rivers? Fortunately, you can rent a riverboat and spend an exclusive sailing holiday with your family and friends. You do not need a sailing experience, and it can also be an affordable option. If you are worried about sailing a riverboat, you can hire a riverboat with a skipper or instructor who will help you navigate through the waters so that you can enjoy a hassle-free vacation. At Zurich Navigate, we make the riverboat rental process as simple and fast as possible. Also, we make sure to understand your specific requirements and help you find the right boat.

How Much Experience Do You Need to Sail a River Boat?

Riverboats are easy to maneuver and steer, making it a good introduction for inexperienced or new sailors. In fact, in some regions, you do not even require a license to sail a riverboat.
If you want to learn the basics of sailing a riverboat, you can hire a professional instructor who will teach you everything about navigating on rivers. Once you understand how to sail a riverboat, you will realize it is not very different from driving on the road. If you think you are lost, all you need to do is turn around the boat.

What is the Use of a Map on a Riverboat?

If you choose to rent a riverboat without a skipper or an instructor, a map can turn out to be extremely helpful as it provides all the information about the route you will take. Thanks to the riverboat map, you can discover hidden locations and places where you can refuel the boat. All in all, by using a map, you can plan your journey, determine where you would like to stop, and decide what you want to see when you are on the riverboat. 

What Activities Can You Indulge In on a Riverboat Holiday?

Riverboat cruising has a lot to offer.If you like water sports, you can take the boat along lakes and calm rivers where you can go for snorkeling, water skiing, kayaking, wakeboarding, or swimming. Also, a riverboat charter gives you a fantastic opportunity to go fishing as you can find the best fishing spots on the water. Furthermore, if you are close to cities, you can do a lot of sightseeing on a riverboat. In general, riverboat sailing provides you the perfect opportunity to enjoy and relax while you see the world move by. 

How to Book a River Boat?

Riverboat holidays are increasingly popular, so do not wait too long for reservations. Make sure to book as early as possible. For further inquiries, reach out to us. We will be happy to help you! At Zurich Navigate, we do our best to make your riverboat sailing experience all-inclusive so that you are comfortable and make the most of your vacation time.

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