Yacht Charter Corsica

Yacht Charter Corsica

Boat rental in Corsica

Rent a boat in Corsica for a wonderful vacation

France is full of sumptuous places to sail, especially in the south of the country. The Isle of Beauty is a paradise, between land and sea, with fabulous beaches and translucent waters. In Corsica, you will be able to make dream stopovers. The large bay of Saint-Florent located in front of the Cap Corse is protected by all winds. For those who wish to sail in Corsica in motor boats, this place is perfect. It is very popular with boat lovers. The Bay of Calvi is known thanks to its protected bay, bordered by a sumptuous beach. You will be able to sail on the Island of Beauty and swim in turquoise waters on the west coast of Corsica. How to sail in Corsica without passing by Ajaccio ? The city offers various activities in an exceptional maritime setting.

Many will choose to rent a boat in Corsica with an experienced skipper to fully enjoy the trip in Corsica. But, those who like sensations and who are autonomous can rent a boat without a skipper in Corsica. Of course, you will need a boat license to be able to sail independently. Thanks to Zurich Navigate, the possibilities for sailing in Corsica are almost infinite. To explore Corsica, you can rent a boat in Corsica from among many models.

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The best boats in Corsica

Your boat rental in Corsica allows you to rent: sailboats, yachts, mega yachts, catamarans or motorboats for example. We advise you to rent a boat in Corsica during the July/August period. Sailing boat rentals in Corsica or motor boat rentals in Corsica are often popular. These two models are numerous in marinas and can be rented through your Zurich Navigate provider. Renting a boat in … is always interesting. With the variety of landscapes, you will never get tired of it. When you ask yourself how to sail in Corsica by boat, you should not be afraid. It is always a constant pleasure.