Gran Canaria nach Lanzarote vom 18/11/23 bis 25/11/23

Gran Canaria nach Lanzarote vom...

Sailcharter: From Gran Canaria to Lanzarote with our sailboat rental Vivanita

Tenerife coast

From november 18th to november 25th, come with us and join our sailcharter Vivanita sailing from Gran Canaria to Lanzarote, with an stop in Fuerteventura, and enjoy the magical experience of sailing and learning in the Canary Islands. During 7 days, you will become one more of our crew, developing your sailing skills and learning everything you need to manage a sailboat charter and long routes in open seas!

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Since we spend the night a lot in ports, we will internalize you all the process when entering a port. This means the correct preparation, contacting the harbor master (via radio), prepare crew and ship, side docking, putting on the box, etc. We practice with you how to optimally adapt the sail surface to the available wind and weather conditions to keep the ship in „balance“.


In the right conditions, sometimes we will also take off at 04:00 in the morning, so you can enjoy being on the sea at night and experiencing the sunrise under sail.

Since the north to northeast passing, usually comes in the Canary Islands, there may be a longer blow. If the wind is too strong, the route must be adjusted or postponed for 1-2 days in order to get from island to island.

Depending on the wind and weather, the route and nautical miles may differ slightly.


1. What would you learn with our sailcharter Vivanita sailing from Gran Canaria to Lanzarote?

Canary Islands - sailcharter around the canary islands

Sailing in the Canary Islands, particularly aboard sailcharter Vivanita, offers an excellent opportunity to learn and improve your sailing skills while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Here’s what you need to know from a learning and skill development perspective when sailing on the Vivanita:


1. Professional Skipper and Crew:

Vivanita likely has an experienced professional skipper and crew on board. This is advantageous for those looking to learn or improve their sailing skills. Skippers often have extensive knowledge of local waters, weather patterns, and navigation, which they can share with guests.


2. Hands-On Experience:

Sailing on Vivanita allows for hands-on learning. Whether you’re a beginner or have some sailing experience, you’ll have the chance to actively participate in sailing maneuvers, including hoisting and trimming sails, steering, and anchoring. This practical experience is invaluable for skill development.


3. Navigation Training:

You can expect to learn about navigation techniques, including chart reading, GPS usage, and plotting courses. Understanding how to navigate effectively is essential for safe and enjoyable sailing in the Canary Islands.


4. Weather Awareness:

Sailing in the Canary Islands exposes you to various weather conditions, including the reliable trade winds. Your skipper can teach you how to interpret weather forecasts, identify wind patterns, and make informed decisions based on weather conditions.


5. Safety Protocols:

Safety is a top priority when sailing, and you’ll likely receive instruction on safety protocols, emergency procedures, and how to use safety equipment such as life jackets and flares. This knowledge is crucial for responsible sailing.


6. Sail Handling Skills:

Depending on your experience level, you may have the opportunity to fine-tune your sail handling skills. This includes reefing sails, adjusting sail trim for optimal performance, and handling different sail types in varying wind conditions.


7. Maneuvering and Boat Handling:

You’ll learn how to maneuver the boat effectively, including tacking, jibing, and docking. Understanding boat handling is essential for confidently navigating different situations while at sea or in port.


8. Crew Coordination:

Sailing often involves working as a team with fellow crew members. On Vivanita, you’ll have the chance to practice effective crew coordination and communication, which is vital for safe and efficient sailing.


9. Certified Sea Miles:

Sailing aboard Vivanita can help you accumulate certified sea miles, which are often required to obtain sailing certifications and licenses. This experience can be valuable for those looking to validate their sailing permits or advance their qualifications.


10. Cruising Lifestyle:

Beyond technical skills, sailing on Vivanita allows you to experience the cruising lifestyle firsthand. You’ll learn about provisioning, living aboard a sailboat, and the unique aspects of cruising in the Canary Islands.

Overall, sailing on sailcharter Vivanita in the Canary Islands offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience for sailors of all levels. It’s an ideal opportunity to enhance your sailing skills, accumulate sea miles, and enjoy the stunning natural beauty of this unique sailing destination.


2. Is a license needed for this experience?

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No, a navigation license is not required to enjoy the incredible Sailcharter experience aboard Vivanita on a journey through the Canary Islands. We have our own team of professional skippers who will take care of everything you need while teaching you how to sail aboard a sailboat rental and carry out these types of voyages on your own.


The experience of exploring different points with Vivanita, such as the Canary Islands in this case, or as with other journeys we undertake throughout the year, such as the sailcharter from Malaga to Madeira or from Badalona to Malaga, is primarily focused on refining your navigation skills, acquiring all the necessary knowledge, and validating the nautical miles required to obtain your navigation license.


Especially in countries like Switzerland, it is necessary to record a certain number of navigational miles to obtain a navigation license, thus arguing that the user has spent enough practical hours sailing to have the necessary knowledge to navigate on their own.


Whether you need to validate a certain number of nautical miles to obtain your navigation license or simply want to learn to sail while embarking on an epic adventure, our sailcharter Vivanita is the perfect choice. And what’s better than doing it in the Canary Islands!


Enjoy the beauty of the Canary archipelago, the contrasts of its landscapes, and its volcanic nature beaches while sailing in one of the most popular areas for this purpose due to its climate and sailing conditions: due to its geographical location, the Canary Islands enjoy a tropical climate all year round, with temperatures always around 18°C. This is why the Canary Islands are a popular sailing destination year-round.


3. What happens in case of bad weather?

sailboats sailing - sailcharter in the canary islands

The entire sailcharter journey and experience with Vivanita are subject to the current meteorological conditions. Therefore, even though the planned itinerary is mentioned, it is subject to and susceptible to any changes depending on the weather at the specific time of departure for sailing. Safety is one of the most important aspects to consider, especially when offering an enjoyable yet educational experience. For this reason, we emphasize that the route may be altered, as well as its dates, depending on the weather conditions.


4. Is fuel included in the sailcharter price?

Fuel consumed is not included in the rental price and is considered an additional expense, which will be paid separately.


5. What could you see sailing around the canary islands with our sailcharter Vivanita?

Tenerife Coast - sailcharter in canary islands

Sailing around the Canary Islands aboard the sailcharter Vivanita offers a wide range of breathtaking sights and experiences. Here are some of the remarkable things you can see and explore during your journey:



1. Beautiful Coastal Scenery:

Enjoy the stunning coastal landscapes of the Canary Islands, characterized by dramatic cliffs, rugged coastlines, and picturesque coves. Each island has its own unique beauty, from the volcanic terrain of Lanzarote to the lush greenery of La Gomera.



2. Volcanic Formations:

Witness the intriguing volcanic formations found on many of the islands. Explore lava fields, volcanic craters, and unique geological features shaped by millions of years of volcanic activity.



3. Beaches:

Discover pristine beaches with golden or black sands, depending on the island’s geology. Relax on the shores of renowned beaches like Playa de las Teresitas on Tenerife or Papagayo Beach on Lanzarote.



4. Marine Life:

The Canary Islands are known for their rich marine biodiversity. Keep an eye out for dolphins and whales, as the archipelago is a popular spot for marine mammal sightings. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts can explore vibrant underwater ecosystems.



5. Historic Ports and Towns:

Visit historic ports and towns such as Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and San Sebastián de La Gomera. Explore their charming old quarters, museums, and cultural attractions.



6. Mountains and Hiking Trails:

If you enjoy hiking, you can see the islands‘ interior by embarking on scenic hikes. Mount Teide on Tenerife offers a challenging climb with stunning views, while Anaga Rural Park on the same island offers lush forests and hiking trails.



7. Lighthouses:

The Canary Islands have numerous picturesque lighthouses, often perched on cliffs or coastal points. These landmarks not only guide sailors but also provide excellent photo opportunities.



8. Sunsets and Sunrises:

Experience breathtaking sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean and wake up to beautiful sunrises. The clear skies and ocean views make for memorable moments.


9. Local Culture:

Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting traditional markets, sampling Canarian cuisine, and attending local festivals and events that may be happening during your journey.


10. Island-Hopping:

One of the advantages of sailing the Canary Islands is the ease of island-hopping. Explore multiple islands, each with its own unique attractions and natural wonders, all within relatively short distances.

Overall, sailing around the Canary Islands with Vivanita offers a diverse and captivating experience, combining natural beauty, outdoor adventures, and cultural discoveries. It’s an opportunity to explore one of Europe’s most enchanting archipelagos from the unique perspective of the sea.


Still thinking about it? Book now and join us with the amazing sailboat Vivanita in this amazing adventure through the Atlantic waters around the Canary Islands and develop your sailing skills as you never thought you would!


6. Why is sailing in the canary islands a good option for learning and developing sailing skills?

sailcharter experience data summary

Sailing in the Canary Islands is an excellent choice for learning and developing sailing skills due to several compelling reasons.


Firstly, the Canary Islands offer diverse and favorable sailing conditions year-round. The consistent trade winds, known as the Canary Current, provide a reliable and steady breeze, making it an ideal environment for honing sailing skills. These winds are well-suited for both beginners looking to build confidence and more experienced sailors seeking challenges.


Secondly, the archipelago’s varied landscapes and coastal features offer a range of sailing experiences. From navigating calm coastal waters to tackling open-sea passages between islands, sailors can gain exposure to different conditions and build their expertise. The islands‘ volcanic formations, lush forests, and unique geological features also provide a visually stimulating backdrop for learning.


Moreover, sailing in the Canary Islands often involves island-hopping, allowing sailors to explore multiple destinations within a relatively small geographical area. This provides opportunities for practicing navigation, anchoring, and maneuvering in different ports and anchorages, further enhancing sailing skills.


The Canary Islands‘ combination of favorable weather conditions, diverse landscapes, practical experience, and access to knowledgeable mentors makes it a prime destination for those looking to learn and develop their sailing skills while enjoying a memorable and scenic maritime adventure.

Know Vivanita!

Know Vivanita!


Our sailboat rental Vivanita is a 14 meters sailboat with 2 cabins, completely equipped and ready to sail with between 4-5 persons







Know our skipper!

Know our skipper!

Unser Skipper André ist mit Wasser und Wind am Ägerisee grossgeworden. Vor Jahren hat er sein
Hobby zum Beruf gemacht und arbeitet bei Sailing Zuerich als Segellehrer und Hochsee Skipper. In
seiner Freizet hängt er am liebsten an einem Schirm oder steht auf einem Brett. Er spricht fliessend
Deutsch und Englisch und basic Französisch und Spanisch





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