Von 13/04/24 bis 20/04/24 Sailcharter: Valencia-Mallorca-Badalona

Von 13/04/24 bis 20/04/24 Sailcharter:...

Sailcharter: From Valencia to Mallorca and Badalona with sailboat rental Vivanita


If you’re looking for a new and exciting adventure where you can sail while learning and training to become the sailor you’ve always wanted to be, this is your adventure: join our sailcharter from Valencia to Badalona with a stop in Mallorca, from April 13, 2024, to April 10, 2024.


Join Navi-Gate and learn all you need about sailing in our next cruise!

Alongside our skipper and our sailboat rental Vivanita, you’ll get to explore unique locations and enjoy unforgettable views from the open sea, all while honing your sailing skills like never before. What are you waiting for? Vivanita is waiting for you to sail from Valencia to Mallorca and from Mallorca to Badalona!


1. Why sail from Valencia to Mallorca and Badalona with our sailboat rental Vivanita?

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Embarking on a sailing adventure from Valencia to Mallorca and Badalona aboard our esteemed sailboat rental, Vivanita, opens the door to a myriad of enriching experiences that extend beyond the ordinary. Here are several compelling reasons to choose this unique journey:


1. Captivating Landscapes:

The route from Valencia to Mallorca and Badalona boasts a diverse and captivating tapestry of landscapes. As you sail, you’ll be treated to panoramic views that showcase the natural beauty and coastal charm of the Mediterranean.


2. Cultural Immersion:

The itinerary includes a stop in Mallorca, an island renowned for its rich cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture, explore historical landmarks, and savor the unique flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.


3. Expert Guidance:

Our experienced skipper, accompanying you on the voyage, brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the journey. Learn the intricacies of sailing from a seasoned professional and gain valuable insights into navigation, seamanship, and boat handling.


4. Hands-On Learning:

Regardless of your sailing proficiency, the journey provides a platform for hands-on learning. Novices can grasp the basics, while seasoned sailors can refine their techniques, all within the picturesque backdrop of the open sea.


5. Adventurous Spirit:

The sailing adventure is designed to infuse an adventurous spirit into your journey. Feel the thrill of the wind in your sails, the gentle rocking of the boat, and the sense of freedom that comes with navigating the open waters.


6. Customizable Experience:

Tailor your experience to match your preferences. Whether you seek a leisurely sail or an adrenaline-fueled adventure, the flexible nature of the journey accommodates various preferences and levels of expertise.


7. Team Building Opportunities:

If you’re traveling with a group, the shared experience of navigating the seas fosters teamwork and camaraderie. Work together with your fellow sailors to overcome challenges and create lasting bonds.


8. Unforgettable Memories:

From the vast expanse of the open sea to the tranquil coves along the way, the journey promises a plethora of moments that will be etched in your memory. Capture the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle and create memories that will last a lifetime.


9. Flexible Scheduling:

The travel dates are designed to accommodate your schedule, ensuring that you can embark on this maritime adventure at a time that suits you best.

Sailing with Vivanita from Valencia to Mallorca and Badalona transcends a typical journey, offering a holistic experience that combines the beauty of nature, the thrill of sailing, cultural exploration, and the camaraderie of shared adventures.


2. Is a license needed for this experience?

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No, a navigation license is not required to enjoy the incredible Sailcharter experience aboard Vivanita on a journey through the Canary Islands. We have our own team of professional skippers who will take care of everything you need while teaching you how to sail aboard a sailboat rental and carry out these types of voyages on your own.


The experience of exploring different points with Vivanita, such as the Canary Islands in this case, or as with other journeys we undertake throughout the year, such as the sailcharter from Malaga to Madeira or from Badalona to Malaga, is primarily focused on refining your navigation skills, acquiring all the necessary knowledge, and validating the nautical miles required to obtain your navigation license.


Especially in countries like Switzerland, it is necessary to record a certain number of navigational miles to obtain a navigation license, thus arguing that the user has spent enough practical hours sailing to have the necessary knowledge to navigate on their own.


Whether you need to validate a certain number of nautical miles to obtain your navigation license or simply want to learn to sail while embarking on an epic adventure, our sailcharter Vivanita is the perfect choice. And what’s better than doing it in the Canary Islands!


Enjoy the beauty of the Canary archipelago, the contrasts of its landscapes, and its volcanic nature beaches while sailing in one of the most popular areas for this purpose due to its climate and sailing conditions: due to its geographical location, the Canary Islands enjoy a tropical climate all year round, with temperatures always around 18°C. This is why the Canary Islands are a popular sailing destination year-round.


3. What happens in case of bad weather?

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The entire sailcharter journey and experience with Vivanita are subject to the current meteorological conditions. Therefore, even though the planned itinerary is mentioned, it is subject to and susceptible to any changes depending on the weather at the specific time of departure for sailing. Safety is one of the most important aspects to consider, especially when offering an enjoyable yet educational experience. For this reason, we emphasize that the route may be altered, as well as its dates, depending on the weather conditions.


4. Is fuel included in the sailcharter price?

Fuel consumed is not included in the rental price and is considered an additional expense, which will be paid separately.


5. What to see sailing in Valencia with our sailcharter, Vivanita?


Sailing with our sailcharter, Vivanita, in Valencia promises a captivating maritime experience with a plethora of sights and attractions to explore along the way. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect to see and experience while sailing in the picturesque waters off Valencia:



1. Valencia’s Coastal Beauty:

As you set sail from Valencia, you’ll be greeted by the stunning coastal scenery of the region. The city’s skyline against the backdrop of the Mediterranean provides a breathtaking view from the water.



2. Malvarrosa Beach:

Cruise along the coastline and catch sight of the famous Malvarrosa Beach. This popular stretch of golden sand is perfect for a relaxing break or even a swim in the clear blue waters.



3. Port of Valencia:

Sail through the bustling Port of Valencia, one of the largest and most modern ports in the Mediterranean. Marvel at the sight of cargo ships, yachts, and the iconic architecture of the America’s Cup buildings.



4. City of Arts and Sciences:

Admire the futuristic architecture of the City of Arts and Sciences, a cultural and entertainment complex that includes iconic structures such as the Hemisféric, the Science Museum, and the Opera House. The avant-garde design is truly a sight to behold from the sea.



5. Historical Landmarks:

Valencia is steeped in history, and from the water, you can catch glimpses of historical landmarks such as the Valencia Cathedral and the Torres de Serranos. These landmarks offer a fascinating blend of Gothic and medieval architecture.



6. Albufera Natural Park:

If your journey takes you south of Valencia, explore the Albufera Natural Park, a tranquil lagoon surrounded by rice fields and diverse wildlife. The park offers a serene escape from the city buzz.



7. Isla Tabarca:

Venture further afield to Isla Tabarca, a charming island with crystal-clear waters and a historic old town. Explore the island’s marine life through snorkeling or simply enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.


8. Sailing Events:

Depending on the timing of your charter, you might encounter sailing events or regattas in the waters off Valencia. Witnessing the skillful maneuvers of competitive sailors can add an exciting dimension to your sailing experience.


9. Coves and Calas:

Discover hidden coves and calas (small bays) along the coastline, where you can drop anchor and enjoy some quiet time surrounded by the beauty of nature.


Sailing in Valencia with Vivanita not only offers a fantastic sailing experience but also a visual feast of coastal landscapes, modern architecture, historical landmarks, and natural wonders that make this Mediterranean journey truly unforgettable.


Still thinking about it? Book now and join us with the amazing sailboat Vivanita in this amazing adventure through the Atlantic waters around the Canary Islands and develop your sailing skills as you never thought you would!


6. Why is sailing in these areas so popular to develop sailing skills?

Sailing in the areas from Valencia to Mallorca and from Mallorca to Badalona is popular for developing sailing skills due to several factors that make these locations particularly conducive to maritime education and skill enhancement:



1. Varied Conditions:

The Mediterranean Sea, especially in the mentioned regions, offers a diverse range of sailing conditions. From calm and sheltered waters to open sea experiences with varying wind and wave patterns, sailors can encounter a broad spectrum of conditions. This diversity allows individuals to develop and refine their sailing skills in different scenarios.



2. Navigational Challenges:

The coastal routes between these destinations involve navigating through various channels, straits, and potentially busy maritime areas such as ports. This provides an excellent opportunity for sailors to practice navigation skills, learn to read charts, and understand the challenges associated with coastal sailing.



3. Cultural and Geographical Exploration:

Sailing in the Mediterranean allows sailors to explore diverse cultures, historical landmarks, and picturesque landscapes. Navigating along the coast of Spain, passing through the Balearic Islands, and experiencing the coastal beauty of Catalonia offer a rich backdrop for sailors to learn while enjoying their journey.



4. Professional Guidance:

Chartering a sailboat like Vivanita often comes with the expertise of a seasoned skipper. Having a professional guide on board provides an opportunity for hands-on learning, personalized instruction, and real-time feedback. Novice sailors can benefit from the skipper’s experience, while more advanced sailors can deepen their knowledge.



5. Island Hopping Opportunities:

The route involves visiting islands like Mallorca, providing sailors with the chance to practice anchoring, mooring, and navigating in different island environments. Island hopping contributes to a more well-rounded sailing experience and enhances overall seamanship.



6. Flexibility and Customization:

The flexibility of the journey, including customizable routes and varying durations, allows individuals to tailor the sailing experience to their skill level and preferences. This adaptability is conducive to both beginners looking for a gradual learning curve and experienced sailors seeking new challenges.



7. Community and Networking:

The popularity of these sailing routes attracts a diverse community of sailors. Participants have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and potentially engage in sailing events or regattas along the way. Networking within the sailing community can contribute to ongoing learning and skill development.


8. Mild Climate:

The Mediterranean region enjoys a generally mild climate, making it suitable for year-round sailing. The predictable weather conditions allow for consistent practice without the extreme weather challenges found in some other sailing locations.


The combination of varied sailing conditions, navigational challenges, cultural exploration, professional guidance, and the overall appeal of the Mediterranean setting makes sailing in the areas from Valencia to Mallorca and from Mallorca to Badalona popular for those looking to develop and enhance their sailing skills.

Know Vivanita!

Know Vivanita!

Our sailboat rental Vivanita is a 14 meters sailboat with 2 cabins, completely equipped and ready to sail with between 4-5 persons





Know our skipper!

Know our skipper!

André Kälin is his name

André is a Swiss sailing instructor, pationated about Kite Surfing and sailing.
He is know to be a very calm and competant sailing instructor,. Either if you are a beginner or an advanec sailor, André is a able and willing to help you improve your skills, in safety



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CHF 1590

300 Nautical Miles

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