Von Gran Canaria nach Fuerteventura & Lanzarote 3/02/24 – 10/02/24

Von Gran Canaria nach Fuerteventura...

Sailcharter: From Gran Canaria to Fuerteventura & Lanzarote with our sailboat rental Vivanita

sailcharter in Lanzarote

Enjoy a new adventure while accumulating certified nautical miles for your navigation license and gaining the experience you need to become a true sailor around the Canary Islands this winter. Join our sailcharter aboard Vivanita from February 3rd to February 10th, 2024, and discover the beauty not only of the magnificent island of Gran Canaria but also the magical Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. Sail in magnificent volcanic settings and savor sunsets you never imagined.


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In summary, join us and live an unforgettable experience next February thanks to our sailcharter with Vivanita.


1. Why is enjoying our sailcharter experience around Canary Islands with Vivanita during February a fantastic idea?

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Embarking on our sailcharter experience around the Canary Islands with Vivanita during February is a fantastic idea for a variety of compelling reasons:


1. Mild Winter Weather:

The Canary Islands enjoy a mild and temperate climate throughout the year, including during the winter months. February in the Canary Islands is characterized by comfortable temperatures, making it an excellent time for sailing and outdoor activities. While many other destinations experience harsh winter weather, the Canary Islands provide a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.


2. Ideal for Skill Development:

Sailing during February offers a unique opportunity for skill development. The consistent trade winds and varied sailing conditions of the Canary Islands create an optimal learning environment. Whether you’re a novice sailor or looking to enhance your existing skills, the Canary Islands in February provide an excellent setting for sailing education.


3. Certified Nautical Miles:

Sailing in February allows you to accumulate certified nautical miles, which are often essential for obtaining sailing certifications and licenses. The practical experience gained during this sailcharter can contribute to your sea miles log and further your sailing qualifications.


4. Unique Winter Escape:

Choosing the Canary Islands for a winter sailing adventure offers a distinctive escape from the cold and dreary weather that often characterizes February in other regions. You can trade snow and sleet for the stunning coastal landscapes, clear blue waters, and vibrant island culture of the Canary Islands.


5. Island Exploration:

The Canary Islands‘ archipelago provides ample opportunities for island-hopping. During your sailcharter, you can explore multiple islands, each with its own charm and attractions. This allows you to practice navigation, anchoring, and maneuvering in diverse coastal settings.


6. Scenic Beauty:

Sailing around the Canary Islands in February offers a visual feast of coastal beauty, dramatic cliffs, volcanic formations, and pristine beaches. The clear skies and pleasant temperatures enhance your sailing experience while providing breathtaking vistas.


7. Cultural Discoveries:

In addition to sailing, the Canary Islands offer cultural experiences, including historic towns, local markets, and unique traditions. Sailing during February allows for a well-rounded exploration of the maritime and cultural aspects of the islands.

Enjoying our sailcharter experience around the Canary Islands with Vivanita in February is a fantastic idea because it combines mild winter weather, ideal conditions for skill development, opportunities to accumulate certified nautical miles, a unique winter escape, island exploration, scenic beauty, and cultural richness. It’s a well-rounded and unforgettable winter adventure for sailors of all levels.


2. Is a license needed for this experience?

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No, a navigation license is not required to enjoy the incredible Sailcharter experience aboard Vivanita on a journey through the Canary Islands. We have our own team of professional skippers who will take care of everything you need while teaching you how to sail aboard a sailboat rental and carry out these types of voyages on your own.


The experience of exploring different points with Vivanita, such as the Canary Islands in this case, or as with other journeys we undertake throughout the year, such as the sailcharter from Malaga to Madeira or from Badalona to Malaga, is primarily focused on refining your navigation skills, acquiring all the necessary knowledge, and validating the nautical miles required to obtain your navigation license.


Especially in countries like Switzerland, it is necessary to record a certain number of navigational miles to obtain a navigation license, thus arguing that the user has spent enough practical hours sailing to have the necessary knowledge to navigate on their own.


Whether you need to validate a certain number of nautical miles to obtain your navigation license or simply want to learn to sail while embarking on an epic adventure, our sailcharter Vivanita is the perfect choice. And what’s better than doing it in the Canary Islands!


Enjoy the beauty of the Canary archipelago, the contrasts of its landscapes, and its volcanic nature beaches while sailing in one of the most popular areas for this purpose due to its climate and sailing conditions: due to its geographical location, the Canary Islands enjoy a tropical climate all year round, with temperatures always around 18°C. This is why the Canary Islands are a popular sailing destination year-round.


3. What happens in case of bad weather?

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The entire sailcharter journey and experience with Vivanita are subject to the current meteorological conditions. Therefore, even though the planned itinerary is mentioned, it is subject to and susceptible to any changes depending on the weather at the specific time of departure for sailing. Safety is one of the most important aspects to consider, especially when offering an enjoyable yet educational experience. For this reason, we emphasize that the route may be altered, as well as its dates, depending on the weather conditions.


4. Is fuel included in the sailcharter price?

Fuel consumed is not included in the rental price and is considered an additional expense, which will be paid separately.


5. Why are the Canary Islands such a popular destination for sailing during winter?

Puerto Chico, Gran Canaria

The Canary Islands, specifically Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura, are popular destinations for winter sailing for a variety of reasons:



1. Mild Winter Climate:

The Canary Islands enjoy a mild and stable climate throughout the year, including the winter months. While much of Europe experiences cold temperatures and inclement weather during the winter, the Canary Islands offer pleasant, sunny days with temperatures averaging around 18°C (64°F), making it an inviting escape from winter’s chill.



2. Consistent Trade Winds:

The Canary Islands benefit from consistent trade winds, particularly during the winter months. These reliable winds provide ideal conditions for sailing, making it a perfect destination for both novice and experienced sailors looking to develop and refine their skills.



3. Diverse Sailing Conditions:

Each of the islands, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura, offers a wide range of sailing conditions. You can experience everything from coastal cruising to open-sea passages, island-hopping, and more. This diversity allows sailors to adapt to different scenarios and build a well-rounded skill set.



4. Island-Hopping Opportunities:

The Canary Islands‘ archipelago layout makes island-hopping a breeze. You can easily sail between islands, exploring different coastlines, ports, and anchorages. Island-hopping not only enhances your navigation and seamanship skills but also allows for a varied and exciting sailing experience.



5. Certified Sea Miles:

Sailing in the Canary Islands during the winter provides a unique opportunity to accumulate certified sea miles. These logged miles are often crucial for sailors seeking to validate nautical miles for sailing certifications and licenses. The practical experience gained during winter sailing contributes to this validation.



6. Scenic Beauty:

The Canary Islands are renowned for their stunning coastal landscapes, featuring dramatic cliffs, pristine beaches, volcanic formations, and clear blue waters. Sailing in this picturesque environment is not only educational but also visually captivating, offering unforgettable views and experiences.



7. Cultural Exploration:

In addition to sailing, these islands offer rich cultural experiences, including historic towns, local markets, and unique traditions. Winter sailing in the Canary Islands allows for a well-rounded exploration of both the maritime and cultural aspects of these enchanting destinations.


The Canary Islands, including Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura, are sought-after winter sailing destinations due to their mild climate, consistent winds, diverse sailing conditions, island-hopping opportunities, certified sea miles accumulation, scenic beauty, and cultural richness. These attributes make the Canary Islands an ideal choice for sailors looking to escape the winter and immerse themselves in a rewarding and educational sailing experience.


Still thinking about it? Book now and join us with the amazing sailboat Vivanita in this amazing adventure through the Atlantic waters around the Canary Islands and develop your sailing skills as you never thought you would!


6. What can you see around the Canary Islands with this sailcharter experience?

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During your sailcharter experience around the Canary Islands, with a focus on Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote, you can explore a range of captivating sights and experiences:


1. Gran Canaria

1.1. Agaete: Visit the charming town of Agaete on the northwest coast and explore its botanical gardens and natural pools.
1.2. Tejeda: Discover the picturesque village of Tejeda, nestled in the heart of the island’s interior, known for its stunning mountain views.
1.3. Puerto de Mogán: Explore the idyllic fishing village of Puerto de Mogán, often referred to as „Little Venice“ due to its network of canals and colorful houses.


2. Fuerteventura

2.1. Cofete Beach: Experience the untouched beauty of Cofete Beach, a remote and unspoiled paradise on the island’s southern coast.
2.2. Betancuria Rural Park: Explore Betancuria Rural Park, featuring a lush valley, historic sites, and hiking trails.
2.3. La Oliva: Visit the town of La Oliva, where you can explore traditional Canarian architecture and local art galleries.


3. Lanzarote:

3.1. César Manrique Foundation:Discover the César Manrique Foundation, a unique museum and art gallery housed in the artist’s former home, showcasing his distinctive creations.
3.2. El Golfo: Witness the striking landscapes of El Golfo, characterized by the vivid green lake known as Lago Verde and dramatic cliffs.
3.3. La Geria Vineyards:
Explore the intriguing vineyards of La Geria, where grapevines are cultivated in small craters in volcanic soil, producing distinctive wines.


These are just a few of the remarkable sights to see around these three Canary Islands while experiencing sailcharter with Vivanita. Each island offers its own unique blend of natural wonders, cultural attractions, and outdoor adventures. Join us in this or any of the other routes we set route to with Vivanita and learn at the same time that you enjoy sea and incredible destinations.

Know Vivanita!

Know Vivanita!

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Know our skipper!

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