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Sailcharter: Gran Canaria, Tenerife & La Gomera with our sailboat rental Vivanita

Gran Canaria Beach - Sailcharter from Gran Canaria

Come with us on this incredible adventure, where you can explore three of the most beautiful Canary Islands while sailing aboard our amazing sailboat Vivanita and developing your navigation skills. From December 9th to December 16th, 2023.

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1. Why sailing around canary islands is so popular to develop sailing skills?

Canary Islands - sailcharter around the canary islands

Sailcharter experiences in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and La Gomera within the Canary Islands are immensely popular for developing sailing skills. Here’s why:


1. Varied Conditions:

The Canary Islands offer diverse sailing conditions, from the reliable trade winds on the southern coasts of Gran Canaria and Tenerife to the challenging but rewarding passages between the islands. This variety enables sailors to gain experience in different scenarios and weather conditions, fostering skill development.


2. Professional Guidance:

Sailcharter services often come with the advantage of having experienced professional skippers who provide expert guidance. These skippers help novices build confidence and teach advanced sailors advanced techniques, making it an ideal learning environment.


3. Island-Hopping Opportunities:

Sailing between Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and La Gomera allows sailors to practice navigation, anchoring, and maneuvering in a range of ports and anchorages. Island-hopping enhances one’s ability to adapt to different environments and enhances overall navigation skills.


4. Certified Sea Miles:

Accumulating certified sea miles is essential for sailing qualifications. Sailing within the Canary Islands can contribute significantly to these sea miles, offering a structured and recognized path for skill validation.


5. Natural Beauty:

Beyond skill development, the Canary Islands boast breathtaking coastal landscapes, including the volcanic majesty of Tenerife’s Mount Teide, the lush forests of La Gomera’s Garajonay National Park, and the stunning beaches of Gran Canaria. Sailing in this picturesque environment is both inspiring and educational.


6. Educational Adventures:

Sailcharter experiences also provide opportunities to learn about the islands’ history, culture, and traditions while visiting historic towns and enjoying local festivals. This enriches the overall sailing adventure.


Overall, sailing on sailcharter Vivanita in the Canary Islands offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience for sailors of all levels. It’s an ideal opportunity to enhance your sailing skills, accumulate sea miles, and enjoy the stunning natural beauty of this unique sailing destination.


2. Is a license needed for this experience?

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No, a navigation license is not required to enjoy the incredible Sailcharter experience aboard Vivanita on a journey through the Canary Islands. We have our own team of professional skippers who will take care of everything you need while teaching you how to sail aboard a sailboat rental and carry out these types of voyages on your own.


The experience of exploring different points with Vivanita, such as the Canary Islands in this case, or as with other journeys we undertake throughout the year, such as the sailcharter from Malaga to Madeira or from Badalona to Malaga, is primarily focused on refining your navigation skills, acquiring all the necessary knowledge, and validating the nautical miles required to obtain your navigation license.


Especially in countries like Switzerland, it is necessary to record a certain number of navigational miles to obtain a navigation license, thus arguing that the user has spent enough practical hours sailing to have the necessary knowledge to navigate on their own.


Whether you need to validate a certain number of nautical miles to obtain your navigation license or simply want to learn to sail while embarking on an epic adventure, our sailcharter Vivanita is the perfect choice. And what’s better than doing it in the Canary Islands!


Enjoy the beauty of the Canary archipelago, the contrasts of its landscapes, and its volcanic nature beaches while sailing in one of the most popular areas for this purpose due to its climate and sailing conditions: due to its geographical location, the Canary Islands enjoy a tropical climate all year round, with temperatures always around 18°C. This is why the Canary Islands are a popular sailing destination year-round.


3. What happens in case of bad weather?

sailboats sailing - sailcharter in the canary islands

The entire sailcharter journey and experience with Vivanita are subject to the current meteorological conditions. Therefore, even though the planned itinerary is mentioned, it is subject to and susceptible to any changes depending on the weather at the specific time of departure for sailing. Safety is one of the most important aspects to consider, especially when offering an enjoyable yet educational experience. For this reason, we emphasize that the route may be altered, as well as its dates, depending on the weather conditions.


4. Is fuel included in the sailcharter price?

Fuel consumed is not included in the rental price and is considered an additional expense, which will be paid separately.


5. Why sailing around Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Gomera with our sailcharter Vivanita?

Puerto Chico, Gran Canaria

Sailing around Gran Canaria, Tenerife, and La Gomera with our sailcharter Vivanita offers a compelling and enriching experience for several reasons:



1. Sailing Skills Development:

The Canary Islands provide an ideal environment for learning and honing your sailing skills. With a focus on skill development, Vivanita’s professional skipper and crew will guide you through hands-on training in navigation, sail handling, maneuvering, and safety procedures. This experience is perfect for both novice sailors looking to build confidence and experienced sailors seeking to refine their abilities.



2. Stunning Island Scenery:

These three islands, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, and La Gomera, boast diverse and breathtaking landscapes. From the dramatic volcanic terrain of Tenerife’s Mount Teide to the lush forests of La Gomera’s Garajonay National Park, you’ll be treated to a visual feast. Sailing along their coasts offers unique perspectives of the islands’ natural beauty.



3. Island-Hopping Adventures:

This sailcharter allows you to explore multiple islands within a relatively short timeframe. You’ll have the opportunity to visit various ports, anchorages, and towns, each with its own charm and attractions. Island-hopping adds an exciting dimension to your sailing journey, enabling you to practice navigation and port entry.



4. Educational Focus:

Beyond sailing, the experience aboard Vivanita provides an educational element. You’ll have the chance to learn about local history, culture, and traditions, particularly when visiting historic towns like San Sebastián de La Gomera and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.



5. Safety and Guidance:

Safety is a top priority, and the presence of a professional skipper ensures a secure and informative experience. You’ll receive guidance on interpreting weather conditions, safety protocols, and emergency procedures, making this journey both educational and safe.



6. Certified Sea Miles:

For those looking to accumulate certified sea miles for sailing qualifications, this sailcharter offers an excellent opportunity. The practical experience gained during the trip can contribute to validating the nautical miles necessary for obtaining a navigation license.



7. Stunning Sunsets and Sunrises:

Sailing at sunrise and sunset in this region can be a mesmerizing experience. The clear skies and ocean views create unforgettable moments for sailors who appreciate the beauty of dawn and dusk on the open sea.


Sailing around Gran Canaria, Tenerife, and La Gomera with sailcharter Vivanita offers an enticing blend of skill development, scenic exploration, educational insights, and memorable island-hopping adventures. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of sailing while enjoying the natural and cultural treasures of the Canary Islands.


Still thinking about it? Book now and join us with the amazing sailboat Vivanita in this amazing adventure through the Atlantic waters around the Canary Islands and develop your sailing skills as you never thought you would!


6. What can you see around the Canary Islands with this sailcharter experience?

Data Summary

Sailing around Gran Canaria, Tenerife, and La Gomera with our sailcharter Vivanita offers a compelling and enriching experience for several reasons:


1. Gran Canaria

1.1. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Explore the vibrant capital city with its historic district, lively marinas, and the renowned Las Canteras Beach, a favorite for swimming and water sports.

1.2. Roque Nublo: Hike or sail to Roque Nublo, a striking volcanic rock formation that offers panoramic views of the island’s interior and surrounding landscapes.

3. Maspalomas Sand Dunes: Visit the iconic Maspalomas Sand Dunes, a unique desert-like landscape along the southern coast of the island, where you can appreciate its natural beauty.


2. Tenerife

2.1. Mount Teide: Witness Mount Teide, Spain’s highest peak and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The volcanic landscapes around Teide National Park provide an otherworldly experience.

2.2. Loro Parque: Visit Loro Parque, a world-renowned zoo and nature park featuring an array of exotic animals, lush botanical gardens, and stunning animal shows.

2.3. Masca Village: Discover the charming and isolated village of Masca, nestled within a deep gorge. The village is known for its picturesque location and rugged landscapes.

3. La Gomera:

3.1. Garajonay National Park:Explore the lush laurel forests and hiking trails of Garajonay National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site offering serene natural beauty.

3.2. Agulo: Visit the picturesque town of Agulo, known for its charming streets, historic buildings, and panoramic viewpoints offering breathtaking vistas of the island and the ocean.

3.3. Valle Gran Rey:
Experience the beauty of Valle Gran Rey, a valley with terraced fields, lush vegetation, and inviting beaches, making it a serene and relaxing destination.

These are just a few of the remarkable sights to see around these three Canary Islands while experiencing sailcharter with Vivanita. Each island offers its own unique blend of natural wonders, cultural attractions, and outdoor adventures. Join us in this or any of the other routes we set route to with Vivanita and learn at the same time that you enjoy sea and incredible destinations.

Know Vivanita!

Know Vivanita!


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Know our skipper!

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