Agent central

Agent central

Central Agent

We represent owners and work for their interest

Your yacht is an incredible value, and we care about it. by using our central agent services, your asset is in the hands of a loyal, transparent and relayable partner. 

With one centralized solution, you will get the best interest for your asset. Either if you are new owner of not, our approach is the same, we work for your interest, and you see it.

Contract mangement

We prepare the offers as a central agent, but also generate charter contracts on the owners behalf. Making sure all legal requirements are met, as well as all the needed information.

Charter & sales Marketing

As your central agent charter or sale Navi-Gate build for you a taylor made strategy according to your objectives. Our evolutive services are adapted to the need of any yacht owner.

Administrative support

Managing a yacht require administrative tasks, and our office manage them for you. Such work as budget preparation and approval, bank account running, and invoice pre-approval and clearing, need to be performed by a specialist and we are here for you.


We report directly to the Yacht Owner on every aspect related to maintenance and administration of the vessels, including payments of invoices, accounting and charter activities.