Question and Answer FAQ Renter

Question and Answer FAQ Renter

FAQ - Renters

What are the conditions to become a tenant on "Navi Gate" ?

It’s very simple: just open an account with a username and a password and off you go! You can find detailed information here

Can I rent a boat on "Navi Gate" without a sailing license?

Yes, but only for boats that are motorized up to a maximum of 8 HP or that do not require an explicit license. However, you are legally required to have a valid sailing license if you wish to rent a boat of the corresponding category.

What happens if the boat does not correspond to what the rental company promised me in the publication?

Since we work with the innovative payment service provider “Stripe”, we can refund the amount simply, easily and guaranteed in full if the information provided by the charterer does not correspond to reality. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee bad weather conditions.

How should the handover and pick-up of the boat take place?

That’s up to you! However, we recommend that you hand over or pick up the boat in person.

Can I delete my account?

Of course: by sending an e-mail to Preferably with a justification! After receiving your e-mail, the deletion of your data will be confirmed.