Privacy Policy Deutsche

Privacy Policy Deutsche

Thank you for your interest in our service!


Please read these terms and conditions, as they contain information regarding the legal frame of use of the platform, including limitations and exclusions. Please note: that we reserve the right to modify our terms and conditions below.





The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. GDPR has given rise to many questions about personal information.


The aim of this policy is to make these points clear to our visitors and customers. We have included every aspect we can identify, however, if you have any questions which are not answered by this policy, we are of course available to answer these.





Phone: Upon calling us to make an enquiry, we will ask you for some basic information; contact details and holiday requirements. We will enter the provided contact details (email address and phone numbers) into our reservation system. This so is as to formulate and send our offer to you.


Email: Upon receipt of an email enquiry, we will enter the provided contact details (email address and phone numbers) into our reservation system. This so is as to formulate and send our offer to you.


Social Media: When following us on social media, the social media provider is responsible for the collection, storage and use of your information, which you have shared with them.





Marketing Campaign: promote a focused effort that guides you, our clients towards our company and products. Give My Private Cruise brands identity, personality, and emotion. Our marketing campaigns helps us to provide you with a clear, concise approach of what we can offer you.


E-Mailing: by sending you from time to time a digital message electronically, we hope to serve you by giving instructions, serving as documentation, providing confirmation, communicating rules and procedures, making recommendations, providing a status update, making an inquiry.


Social Media Campaign: we communicate on social media to reinforce information or sentiments (about a product, service, or overall brand) through at least one social media platform. We do not store any information from your social medias.





If you would like to check what personal information, we hold for you please contact us at [email protected]. At any time, you have ‘the right to be forgotten’. This means that you can request us to delete any of your information which we hold or request a modification.





Some information are automatically and eventually analysed by a third part company such as Google analytics.





By using our services and website, you accept the terms of the Privacy Policy and also understand that our policies are in a constant evolution and we invite you to review regularly to be informed about any change.



Latest update 04.2021