Question and Answer FAQ Landlord

Question and Answer FAQ Landlord

FAQ - Landlords

What conditions must my boat meet before I can offer it on Navi Gate?

It must be registered and have a valid sailing license. In addition, all documents required by law, such as an exhaust document, etc. must exist or be given to the lessee. to the lessee. You can read more about this in the Do’s and Don’ts” section.

Do I enter into a contract with "Navi Gate"?

No, a contract is made between the renter and the lessor. ship-ahoy only provides the platform to find an agreement between agreement between the parties.

How should the handover and takeover of the boat be organized?

That’s up to you! However, we recommend to proceed with a personal handover or trade-in. After all, a boat is an object of passion!

Are there any restrictions on the price I expect to pay for the rental my boat?

No, you can set the price yourself. The market will show to what extent your market will show how much your price corresponds to the demand. Adjustments adjustments can be made when your boat is next next time your boat is posted.

How long can I publish my boat?

As long as you like!

When do I receive the rental amount?

After you have confirmed your rental, the amount is immediately transferred by the renter via his credit card. credit card. All you need is a Stripe account. We work with Stripe to guarantee you the highest level of security the highest level of security and simple payment processing. payments. With a simple one-time registration, you can receive payment(s) for receive the payment(s) for the rental via the Stripe payment service and Stripe payment service and you are thus registered for for future payments – or collections. Just check your email address and open the link that is sent to you. link that is sent. This may take 1-2 days, but then it’s Ship Ahoy” and you’re in business!