Yacht Charter Sardinia

Yacht Charter Sardinia

Boat rental in Sardinia

Rent a boat in Sardinia for a wonderful vacation

Sardinia is a special island of Italy. The area for sailing is always very pleasant. Going to the North is always interesting for boat rental in Sardinia. You will be constantly sheltered from the wind in this area. To sail, the low season seems more interesting choosing May or September. The Maddalena archipelago is full of magical anchorages for boats like Cala Lunga!  Portisco is a very popular place to rent a boat in Sardinia. This typical harbor is close to the airport, perfect to sail quickly after arriving in Sardinia. 


Many will choose to rent a boat in Sardinia with an experienced skipper to fully enjoy the trip in Sardinia. But, those who like the sensations and who are autonomous on the sea will realize a boat rental without skipper in Sardinia. You will need to have a boat license to be able to sail independently. Thanks to Zurich Navigate, the possibilities for sailing in Sardinia are almost endless. In order to explore the whole island, you can rent a boat in Sardinia from among many models. 

The sailboat rental in Sardinia or the motorboat rental in Sardinia are often popular. Both of these models are available in marinas and for rent through your Zurich Navigate provider. Renting a boat in Sardinia is always interesting. Because of the variety of landscapes, you will never get bored. When you ask yourself how to sail in Sardinia by boat, you should not be afraid. It is always a constant pleasure.

Rent a beautiful boat in Sardinia

Because there is no better way to visit Sardinia

Great boats for rent in Sardinia

Your boat rental in Sardinia allows you to rent: sailing boats, yachts, mega yachts, catamarans or motor boats for example. We advise you to rent a boat in Sardinia during the period May/June.